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As If Married
Love continues, dynamically. Greater intimacy pushes you forward. You, the seeker, mature. You feel less a child and more an adult. Much like a nun who thinks of Christ as her husband, you begin to view the higher consciousness with the intensity and dedication of one wedded. The Lord of your heart is recognized as the love of your life, and the great satisfaction of belonging to the lover abides in your mind. You feel deeply loved and understood. You know you are eternally appreciated. You live for your beloved. Of course, you are still humble, and you wish to serve and delight your special companion — but the sharing is more completely open and natural. Few human beings ever know such love and the glorious state of being this mood brings.

In this "married" stage, rapturous joy easily moves throughout your being. In your ecstasy, sexual desire is greatly calmed down and your whole body feels a bliss, as if being satisfied at every level — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. Those who are single generally feel much relieved from the pressures of sexual desire. Those who are married often find, when they are in this mood, a greater love and ability to satisfy, and be satisfied with, their dear mate.

Sometimes this mood of being a...

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