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The Moods
These relationships are called moods, or bhavas. You may experience a mood of higher consciousness sooner than you think. These personal relationships are often progressive. As you become developed and perfected in one relationship, you will enter a transitional stage and then a deeper, more advanced relationship will be formed. So it goes, on and on throughout your life, if you most easily experience higher consciousness through form.

candleAgain, too, seekers around the world practicing their particular faiths or mystical philosophies may have a different vocabulary but they very often practice and develop these same relationships, or moods, as magnificent means to higher consciousness.

Likely, also, the majority of religious people deeply prefer these relationships to other kinds of higher consciousness. Relationship is one of the only ways to function in daily life while at the same time maintaining a higher state of consciousness!


Please do not feel, however, that you...

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