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A Change of Motive
Your steps have a spring to them, your mind is resilient. Problems don’t have the impact they used to. You can bounce back from troubles to engage once again in helping to create a better world. Your motive of service mainly for a paycheck is gone. Certainly paychecks are important, but your motive is to please the higher consciousness.

You strive to live in attunement with the higher will, considering and exploring how best to act. You seek, through study and fellowship with enlightened people, to become a more perfect and able servant.

Most of your anxieties go away. You’re not alone nor do you feel compelled to try to dominate circumstances and others anymore.

As your relationship develops, you find yourself becoming more and more the person you sensed you could be. You feel you are living by a deep, inner motivation now and not one that you presupposed or artificially constructed. When people flatter you, you secretly smile and realize they are giving you credit for something the higher consciousness has actually brought about. You humbly give the praise or acclaim to your higher consciousness and with gratitude go forward.

You feel, as you talk with... 

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