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a rainbowA New You Is Necessary
Before, your physical eyes, ears, fingertips were sensitive to the vast panorama of creation in very limited ways and were only capable of sensing a small portion of the spectrum of energy in which you lived. Naturally, to be aware of realities beyond the visible spectrum — which scientists are regularly able to measure and which they assure us do exist — you need to have changed eyes and ears. Also, you must have a capacity to feel far beyond the very limited range of normal human sensitivity.

The transformation process through the previous relationships has accomplished a much increased awareness of the levels of electromagnetic energy (in the body and the universe) far beyond science’s projections at this time. Hopefully these Radha moods of extreme awareness will reveal the keys by which science, art, and religion will merge — each satisfying its own disciplines and each enriching the other two.

The main point is that a new being, a new you, is necessary for the Kama Radha relationship — Kama meaning true fulfillment of desire, or desire itself; Radha meaning you, the individual devotee.

The fiancé to fiancée relationship was so powerful it...

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