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The Next Great Event
The sense of awe humbles your ego, flooding your mind and heart with an astonishment which is exhilarating. You now know, more than ever before, there really is a higher power. You know its reality to the roots of your toenails. You know, vividly, that as small and limited as you are now revealed to be, you can nevertheless have a relationship with the higher consciousness. Your finite nature can have an ongoing relationship with the infinite.

mountain meadowAs the mood of awe relationship continues you learn through experience the nature, love, and power of higher consciousness. This regularly accessible consciousness reveals such intelligence and wisdom to you that your mind feels infused with great ideas and increased clarity of thought.

Confidence and a sense of worth develop within you. Also, your relationship with higher consciousness increases your emotional range and you become capable of deepening love. Each of your faculties is enriched through the rush of higher consciousness which you are experiencing. The awe relationship matures and develops you.

One great, exciting day you...

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 2010 Mystic World Fellowship