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Nitya Lila — The Eternal Dance of Love
Your love relationship, now perfected through Nitya Radha, establishes a new way of life daily — an eternal dance of love between Lord and devotee: Nitya Lila. (Nitya means eternal, the Absolute; Lila means a play or dance. Lila also means the relative universe as manifest in time and space.) Sri Ramakrishna said at this level the devotee and Lord share together in the work of creation.

In Nitya Lila, the mood of love between the devotee and the Lord is so perfect that the concerns of one become the concerns of the other. The Lord and his eternally loving devotee become, in a sense, co-workers. This is not to imply that the spiritualized devotee is the Lord. **  However, sharing through love such deep, universal concerns, the devotee becomes ever so deeply compassionate about the welfare of humanity, for example — the development of values, the upliftment of the suffering, the comfort of the sick. Primarily the devotee serves at the level of raising human consciousness, recognizing most of humanity’s wars and woes come from a beclouded awareness.

Now the devotee is at the height of his...

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