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Nitya Radha — The Eternal Lover
But, after a long time your joy peters out. You were capable of enjoying the love play so much that even when the Lord made you unaware of his presence or seemed to act contrary to your lofty expectations you could still love him. It was easy to be constant in your love mood because you enjoyed loving him so. But, now after a long time, your joy has worn thin so you stop loving the Lord.

"What was I loving him for anyway?" you wonder. "If he really loved me, he’d be here. What’s the point in loving a Lord who’s never around? Why should I love him when I don’t enjoy it?"

As your joy flies away, a sense of profoundest desolation occurs. "It’s no fun loving a Lord who’s far away from me. What kind of a Lord would treat me this way?" you wonder. "Certainly he is, after all, an unworthy lover."

It’s common that human relationships are dissolved when one party in the relationship goes away, stays away and doesn’t even communicate. However, it can be observed that in some cases there are people who continue to love the absent one even when he (or she) is far away, or uncommunicative, or even has done some evil to him or her. The love usually continues in the heart of the lover in these instances because he or she enjoys that love so much. The enjoyment of that love is extremely precious to the true lover.

So, too, at an extremely high and...

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