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To Be of Service
You yearn to be of service to the higher consciousness and to improve daily in your ability to serve it. The joy of your life becomes this surrendered relationship. You live to serve! As you look at other people, you see their essence tenderly and you yearn to serve them — perhaps materially, perhaps in a word or a thought, perhaps in an act of kindness or in a concerned prayer. You turn to your "master" — the higher consciousness — often and lovingly. Always sensing its presence, you seek to know what love and the higher wisdom wish of you from moment to moment, day to day.

sunbeams through cloudsThis "servant to master" mood of relationship is not for the fainthearted, nor for those prone to fantasizing that the higher will is motivating all their personal desires and egocentricities. The servant mood is for the mature, those who are healthy and balanced in mind. Candidates for a servant relationship with the higher consciousness must have character, humility, and bravery. They need to be devoted and sane servants of the higher self, while being tempted to live selfishly once again, and while being menaced by those who stand against their values.

In this mood of service, extra talent and...

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