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A Personal Relationship
Most people are dominantly emotional. That is, what represents happiness to them predominantly involves an emotional sense of well being and satisfaction. They yearn to be happy, to give loves and share love. They yearn to have constructive feelings rather than watch their moments of peace battered around by chaotic emotions.

These seekers are not by nature yearning for flights in infinite, absolute spirit. They are ever so much more desirous that spirit and consciousness come into a personal relationship with them. They crave that higher consciousness fulfill them as a person and that they will become able to live each minute of their days in continual interplay with higher consciousness.

Essentially, they don’t want to become lost in, or dissolved in, higher consciousness. Each of these seekers wants to maintain a high state of awareness while actively being a person. They want a relationship with higher consciousness, not "sublime vacations," however beneficial such exalted trips might be. (Or, they may indeed like to have such transcendental flights but do not yet find themselves able.)

"I want to taste sugar...

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