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You Get Pizazz
In this mood of service, extra talent and potential becomes immediately available to you, and more capabilities also are bred in you along the way. When you are consolidated in the servant mood, you seem to have twice the energy you had before. You tend to be able to outwork others so much it’s embarrassing. Emotionally you yearn to feel you’re giving the finest service of which you’re capable. You feel keenly alive. There is dash, pizazz, in your actions, thoughts, and feelings. Your personality becomes magnetic and people who knew you before wonder what has happened to you. It’s as if you had broken out of a shell!

waterfallIn the servant mood, you’re never bored and you’re never lazy. At the same time you’re devoted to your quiet, life-enriching times spent "alone" with your wondrous companion — your masterful higher consciousness. You feel your life has become meaningful and you have a genuine eagerness to know what’s going to happen next. You’re excited about what this loving and conscious higher self will want you to do. You have a joyous willingness to go to the ends of the earth or, perhaps, to stay in one town, village, or city, for the rest of your life — whatever pleases the higher consciousness.

Your steps have a spring to them, your mind is...

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