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Playfulness Occurs
Remember, in this true friendship between the finite and the infinite, between two forms of higher consciousness (because now, you, a newly-awakened human being, have become a freely-expressive form of higher consciousnesssky peaking through rocks too), the marvelous aspect of playfulness occurs. Just as friends who love one another joke, tease, and inspire one another; just as they love to give presents and be of assistance to one another; just as they deeply enjoy being thoughtful of the other person and love the friend for this kindness; so too the higher consciousness and the devotee enter into much fun together!

Sometimes it may seem that your newfound friend is playing tag with you — running away and hard to find. At other times, in your career, for example, during particularly intense times, suddenly your special companion comes rushing into the room, filling it with light and a heavenly quality. Sometimes you suddenly feel touched and uplifted. Or, your heart unexpectedly expands with joy, realizing the unique friendship you are now having.

Ask any Catholic nun...

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