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Other Possibilities
Coming back from cosmic consciousness into bodily awareness, you find your mind is fresh with insights and intuitions. Your emotions are washed free and clean, and deep calmness or joy easily establish themselves in a renewed heart. Breathing and circulation seem to work better, and you marvel at your body’s increased strength and coordination.

field of yellow flowersExperiencers of this formless aspect of higher consciousness are indeed fortunate and very special people. Their insights and their vigor enrich all humanity. Their dedication to the underlying spirit, the source of life in all, enables them to be true brothers and sisters to humanity.

If you prefer to experience only the vast, formless qualities of higher consciousness, and if devotional, personal relationships with higher consciousness don’t appeal to you, then follow me.

However, there are other possibilities, too. Great possibilities. You don’t have to transcend form, or your humanity, to experience many kinds of higher consciousness.

Most people are dominantly...

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