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All Things Are Possible
Volumes can’t adequately describe the relationships which now occur. Hopefully, the states mentioned in this chapter will soon be within your reach as you apply the principles of this website and enjoy the guidance of your special teacher. The most essential factor, henceforth, is your growing love. Love brings greater understanding and intimacy between the seeker of higher consciousness and higher consciousness itself. As love grows, so does the ability to give and share love at more superb levels.

budding flowersIn love, it is said, all things are possible. In love there are moods of relationship that go far beyond human ability to understand. We are incapable of thinking in such high terms unless we have a background in the awe, servant, and friendship relationships. Imagine being able to live your daily life, participating fully in the world, while delightedly developing from one level of relationship into another.

Please keep in mind that for perhaps...

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