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A Powerful Conclusion Dawns
In a way, you come to appreciate being little and you no longer expect yourself to be all-knowing. You enjoy turning toward your great higher consciousness with your problems and emotional wounds because you find you can be inspired with good judgment and your wounds are healed.

Humility changes you. One day, in your awe state, a powerful conclusion dawns in your mind — profoundly. You joyfully realize you would love to serve your higher consciousness and its purposes. You delight in the transcendental insight of responding to Infinity with your humanity — in a human way.

And why not relate in a more personal way — how else can you respond? After all, your whole being craves to respond to such light and love. You have never experienced anything in life which comes close to being so good to you and you ache to respond in some satisfying, deeply giving way.

Further, intuitive flashes while in the...

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