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Prema Radha — The Joyous Lover
Though you live in anguish, usually you persevere and do not angrily spurn the Lord.

Then, in his own time, your nurturing Lord returns. In a while your love and play, soul to Lord and Lord to soul, resumes at progressively more wondrous levels.

a rainbow over the sea

However, you remember your sense of loss and exasperation when the Lord seemed absent, unreachable, and uncaring. Your love grows as you realize that, in Kama Radha, your love was not true self-giving but had a sharp hook in it. You subtly wanted to fulfill your self-centered desire for spiritual gratification, to control the Lord’s actions and responses to your love. You were not asking for material things but you did expect the Lord to satisfy your intense desire for a delightful, all-satisfying relationship. Seeing this insidious fault clearly, you love the Lord more purely. You are able to love with greater self-giving. An even greater power of love grows. You dedicate yourself to the Lord without a tinge of selfishness. You rejoice in being able to love your Lord, whatever his response. In this state, Prema Radha begins. Never before have you enjoyed loving the Lord so.

The Prema Radha state is one in which you...

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