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Progression of Moods
Now the relationships with higher consciousness become especially interesting. Your higher consciousness can fulfill you in deeply personal ways. While the experience of awe creates an ongoing well being and a tenderness of perspective for all created things, you, nevertheless, will likely ache for a more personal relationship with higher consciousness.

pond reflecting a treeIt should be emphasized that these moods of relationship may not occur in the sequence developed in these chapters. However, they generally do. Most often, one mood matures into another, and each mood builds upon the previous relationships. Most seekers find it impossible to have advanced moods without first having been developed in each earlier mood. Your progression in these moods means, in addition to receiving numerous other great benefits, that you will never be lonely again. Higher consciousness will not only prove itself a most thoughtful and delightful companion, it will also make your life and friendships with other people extremely interesting and enriching.

Please remember that all your... 

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