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Friends of Christ Find Proof
Friends of Christ find proof they are actually experiencing the higher consciousness because of the improved quality of their lives and the transformation of their previously uncooperative character. They see, in the physical, material, and daily events of their lives, definite manifestations of the presence of their friend. They credit their friend for the greater opportunities which come their way. They recognize the handiwork of their friend in the increased security and peace in which they live. Very often they find help or inspiration bounding on the miraculous. These grateful friends observe their Lord entering into the relationships they have with other people and creating a pronouncedly different or improved state in those relationships. When in danger, companions of Christ often find the hand of their friend protecting all concerned.

Other Christians who prefer to live in a friend to friend mood do not think of Jesus being in superphysical form but rather formless — a formless friend, pure spirit or light. They find that Christ acts as their friend without having any "human characteristics," or dimensions, and are perfectly happy with this sublime relationship; however, it is difficult, due to our human frailties and needs, to maintain this ethereal relationship. It’s much easier to forget the relationship completely at times if one is not predisposed to thinking of the Lord of one’s heart in form, in a person to person manner.

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