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Pure Love Radiates
In time the transcenders of the Prema Radha mood discover they are passing through yet another initiation, and are moving forward into even greater love. They discover the painful but obvious truth that even the great love of Prema Radha had a quality of selfishness. They can see their enjoyment — their personal, however magnificent, enjoyment — of their love relationship was a major part of their motive to love the Lord.

"Ah-ha! There is the flaw. My love is not even yet free of my selfishness nor my desire to dominate subtly," you realize. "I still have an expectation of joy. When my expectation is not fulfilled, then, sad to say, I love with less intensity and ultimately give up. Oh, what sorrow to know that my love is not a full giving, to know my love still has a hook in it. I am, even now, making a demand on my Beloved and loving him with an ulterior motive."

Gradually there awakens in this extremely painful self-revelation a new love ever so sweet and free, a love like a melody streaming through the space in your mind, filling your chest cavity. Your sense of existence is filled like the songs of a huge choir saturate a vast cathedral. Pure love moves forward. Pure love radiates forth.

What the pure lover says...

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