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Raises You Up
In the child to mother or father relationship you know yourself to be young, not as powerful or as knowledgeable as the higher consciousness itself but at the same time beloved of it and intimately sharing in its nature and purposes. Certainly it’s fine for a seeker to imagine — or strive to develop — this mood without actually being in the achieved state. The ideals of this relationship are lofty and comforting. The mood itself, however, becomes established usually only after considerable purification through the awe, servant, and friend relationships.

a happy childMost scriptures strongly advocate that you accept you are a son or daughter, a child of the Lord. It’s fine, certainly, to start your mood of love with this child relationship as long as you grow in the other attributes which will help you be a loyal and constantly loving child.

It’s wonderful to think — in a religious sense — that the Lord is like a father or mother who is deeply concerned about the welfare and happiness of his or her child, and who will accept and love that child as part of its own being forever.

Indeed, the higher consciousness will guide and raise you up into the fullness of life. You’ll find it most precious to have an ongoing mood, a momentum in your heart, which continually affirms such an intimate relationship with the higher consciousness. Love continues, dynamically...

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