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Servant Relationship
People get lonely. When you contact higher consciousness you will — unless you are frightened of its immensity and power — want an ongoing relationship with it.

You would probably feel miserably alone for years if you had only one brief experience of what you had been yearning for throughout your life. In your loneliness, you would live like a sentry, desperately scanning the horizons of your life for the sight of another saving, transforming relationship with higher consciousness.

Progression of Moods
Sustaining the Moods
Moving Forward
The Next Great Event
Beyond Awe
A Powerful Conclusion
The Higher Will
To Be of Service
You Get Pizazz
A Change of Motive
You Become

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People who are dominantly emotional yearn for continuous emotional satisfaction — not only occasional delights. They need to feel they have constant meaning and value to others. They want to give and receive love every day.

Now the relationships with higher consciousness become...

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