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Some Prefer Other States
Please keep in mind that for perhaps thirty or forty percent of those who are seeking higher consciousness these moods are not suitable. Those who have a dominantly intellectual or willful (volitional) nature will generally prefer other states developed in other sections of this website. In particular, intellectual and volitional people will likely prefer to develop the sublime insight of witness consciousness rather than seek higher consciousness through moods and relationships. Then intellectual and volitional people usually go on to experience the higher planes of awareness which grow from witness consciousness and the expanded self.

flowerredonblue.jpg (6873 bytes)Generally, though, people of devotional, volitional, and intellectual natures will experience the witness consciousness and the expanded self in ways that are quite similar.

Are you dominantly devotional? Do you delight in giving and receiving love? Are relationships particularly important and gratifying to you? Let’s explore the higher moods...

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