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"There is Always Something More"
In the process of life people are striving to understand the world and themselves. Just as your heart may yearn to comprehend what heaven must actually be, so too, human understanding stretches beyondSri Ramakrishna in ecstasy its capacity to comprehend when higher consciousness is the subject. Much guessing and presuming occur. There’s considerable hope, and fantasy, too. Only the Lord knows the subject of higher consciousness thoroughly. The great East Indian master, Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886), compassionately helped people who were locked into the idea they knew all there was to know about higher consciousness, or even that they had attained the highest experience of this glorious realm.

"There is no end," Sri Ramakrishna used to say. "There is always something more. Man is a realizing being." Whatever you realize, there is something more that can be realized, something more yet waits to be experienced. A life in higher consciousness is dynamic. It goes forward from realization to realization. Always, something more can be experienced or expressed from among the infinite possibilities of higher consciousness.

It is possible to experience yourself as...

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