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As a Son or Daughter
The friend to friend relationship matures and, because love is so dynamic, another level of intimacy is begun. The awe, servant, and friend relationships mature into a mood of love similar to that of a child with Mother or Father. The interest of the seeker becomes so aligned — so attuned — with the interests of higher consciousness that there is a strong sense of becoming "part of the family." The concerns of higher consciousness have become yours; and you know your concerns have become the concerns of the higher consciousness.

In this intimacy your sense of who you are changes again. Your friendship has changed your nature. When you began the friend relationship you felt your nature was much different from that of the higher consciousness. However, as your friendship grew, you discovered yourself to be essentially of the same spirit as your friend. In this awareness you begin to feel more continually like a loving son or daughter of a loving, wise, and perfect father or mother.

Some individuals prefer to think of the higher consciousness as a father — loving, strong, provident and protective. Much as a father in regular life gives his child a sense of self-esteem, helpful guidance and an embracing security through many of life’s adventures, fatherly attributes are readily found in the nature of higher consciousness, too. Many devotional people find they can easily establish a child to father relationship and enter an intimate mood of love.

However, because of the often manifest capacity of... 

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