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I Want to Taste Sugar, Not Become Sugar
Sri Ramakrishna"I want to taste sugar, not become sugar," Sri Ramakrishna used to say in describing this personal form of higher consciousness. Sri Ramakrishna often said that modern people are very dependent on food and have a relatively short life span (compared with ancient wise men and women). Because of these "shortcomings," most seekers are not physiologically equipped for long periods of cosmic consciousness — transcendent out-of-the-body states.

Sri Ramakrishna showed multitudes of seekers they could most effectively and delightedly experience higher consciousness through personal relationship — "in form," as he described it. He advocated several profound and extremely wonderful relationships which people could select and develop.

He particularly emphasized that the form of superconsciousness you pursue in your quest must fit your individuality. By regarding your individuality in the quest for higher consciousness, you can most easily develop your relationship with it.

These relationships are called...

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