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Sustaining the Moods
Please remember that all your relationships with higher consciousness always involve a mood or momentum of your refined emotional nature. As your emotions are freed from hatred, jealousy, and anger, and your various separate feelings are coordinated into one dominant tendency, then these relationships become possible. If your practice of any mood does not have emotional thrust and continuation, you will not experience a true relationship — not even if your mind thinks of countless, lovely images which it enjoys entertaining. While your mind must cooperate, these moods essentially involve a continuous flow of feeling.

a meadowAt first it may be difficult to sustain one of these relationships for more than three or four minutes. An hour of a mood is truly a big event in your life, and if you normally have very scattered feelings, you may feel fatigued from the amount of energy required to maintain a beginning mood. Keep in mind, though, that with practice most moods are possible for you, and you can — especially after the awe experience — live in a mood. That is, your relationship can go on and on and on, day in, day out.

You will notice, when you experience the... 

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