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white flowers with morning dewA Blessed Tenderness
Sometimes this mood of being a mature partner of higher consciousness can create problems in your home. If your husband or wife has a jealous streak, he or she may resent your joy of life and blissful attunement. He or she may fear losing out. Many problems will develop if communication is not particularly clear. Your love for others must be given great attention. Your beloved higher consciousness will, of course, help you to love people more completely than ever — especially your family members.

However, believe it or not, most of those who experience this exalted state of being — becoming a mate to higher consciousness — are single and celibate. Often nuns, priests, and mystics who have lived years of sacrifice find this extremely blessed and tender adult relationship with the higher consciousness. While those who are married can help one another bring about this invigorating dimension in their lives, they tend to be too busy and are also somewhat fearful of it. Yet by sensing the higher consciousness expressing through one another, an even deeper love is known. The love between man and woman becomes magnified in the Lord.

Just as man and woman together bring forth... 

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