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It Waits Until You Are Ready
If you were simply to remain in the relationship of awe without experiencing other relationships, you would nevertheless live your life with deep gratitude and a spectacular sense of well being. Needless to say, after the first experience of the awe mood you are often so totally impacted by it that you should spend a few quiet hours after the experience resting or walking, praying, or lightly meditating, allowing yourself to calm down. The awe relationship is governed by your higher consciousness and does not occur in unpleasant or inappropriate surroundings.

Higher consciousness waits until you are ready, not only mentally and emotionally, but also in terms of your outer circumstances and schedules. Usually the awe experience is so profound that while you yearn to have it again, you are likely somewhat frightened that it might actually occur again! Your apprehension gradually diminishes in your growing consciousness of higher power and your sweet reflections on the surpassing beauty of your first awe experience.

When your apprehension has subsided and...

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