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Ways of Loving the Lord
Commonly, those people who practice relating to higher consciousness through the different moods are dominantly devotional or religious. They find it easy and very natural to think of the Lord of their heart, the source of life, love, and existence, as an Incarnation. Millions of people around the world today choose to relate to God, the emanator of higher consciousness, through their chosen Incarnation. Their ways of loving their Lord and thinking of God are often extremely beautiful and charming.
the baby Jesus on stained glass 
Some devotees chant the name of their Lord and friend while looking at a picture or sculpture which represents the Incarnation. These devotees lovingly chant his name or utter praises of love to him. Others think of the Passion of Christ and worship him, recalling his death on a cross, and lovingly wear crucifixes and say the rosary. Hundreds of millions receive the body and blood of Christ into their beings through communion, regularly.

Other devotees in their relationship with the Divine... 

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