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More Ways of Loving the Lord
Other devotees in their relationship with the Divine offer little plates of food before the Lord at an altar placed in a room in their homes, feeling that the Lord — in spirit and in form — partakes of the food and blesses it before they themselves sit down to eat. Meantime, some other devoutly religious people would call these practices idolatry and would not be caught dead daring to think for a moment of the Lord having form or being able to express so personally. And such differences of view and doctrine have often caused warfare, perhaps from the beginning of man.

Also, it’s important to mention that millions of religious devotees think of the Lord as feminine, as well as masculine. They, by the millions, call upon the Lord as "Divine Mother." They feel that the Lord is unconditionally loving, as is often the case with mothers in this world. They equate the Divine Mother with the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit. They feel the Divine Mother is an ever-available comforter who will never reject her child, whether that child be good or bad. Similarly, Roman Catholics — in their relationship with God — often pray to Mother Mary and numerous saints. Mary Baker Eddy, too, the founder of Christian Science, often referred to the feminine aspect of God when she spoke of "Father, Mother God."

To clarify and sum up, the awe and... 

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