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The Story of the Woodcutter
A woodcutter lived in poverty. Often he had no food, no oil for his lamp. One day he met a wise man in the woods. The woodcutter treated the wise man with respect, and the wise man responded, telling the cutter two words, "Go farther."
    The woodcutter pondered the words, "Go farther." He was unable to comprehend them and after several days he turned his mind to his regular worries and his hunger pangs.
    But one day, during his backbreaking toil on the edge of the forest, he remembered the words, "Go farther" again. He dared to venture deep into the forest. And, he found a grove of precious sandalwood trees!
    He gained enough wealth to buy a small house, to buy barrels of oil for his lamp, and he knew he would never be hungry again. He was happy.

Months later he awoke in the night. He said to himself, "The wise man said nothing of sandalwood trees, did he? All he said was, ‘Go farther.’"
    So, the woodcutter rose and went into the woods, past the scrub trees, past the sandalwood grove which meant so much to him. Then, amidst some boulders he found outcroppings of silver!
    Now rich beyond his dreams, he became an important man in the city. He bought a large house — some would call it a mansion — and he married well. Enjoying himself, he forgot the words, "Go farther."
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