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The Woodcutter Goes Farther
Several months later, he awoke in the night. Once again he pondered, "The wise man said nothing of sandalwood, or of silver, either. All he told me was, ‘Go farther.’"

a pot of gold    The woodcutter rose and went deep into the forest, past the scrub wood, past the sandalwood, past his silver mine.
    He approached an unknown stream. Glancing down, he found gold. Gold!
    Rich, powerful, and considered wise, the woodcutter again forgot the words, "Go farther."

Years passed. But, again one night, the woodcutter sat up in bed. He said to himself, "The wise man said nothing of gold, either. He simply told me to, ‘Go farther.’ What did he really mean?"
    The woodcutter ventured past the scrub wood, the sandalwood grove, his secret silver mine, past his gold stream, and discovered diamonds!

    This story goes on forever. But the main question is, "Who is the woodcutter?" And will you, "Go farther?"

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