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The Spiritual Path and Its Stages
How do most yoga devotees begin their Paths? What unfoldments do they share in common with one another — and with seekers on other Paths throughout the world?

Enter and discover

Practice makes you perfect. Success on your quest is inevitable if you put aside fancies, cowardice, and laziness. However, success is impossible if, no matter how many hours and years you practice higher consciousness techniques, you do those techniques incorrectly or selfishly.

The Stages
The Crisis or Inspiration
The Restlessness — The Call
The Path is Chosen
Instrinsic Values
Bhavas and Samadhis
Higher States
Experience of higher consciousness comes sooner than expected to those that proceed with devotion, good will, faith and a balanced mind. Doing rather than fantisizing or talking about the techniques, is the key. As you proceed earnestly, you experience several unusual, utterly delightful levels of awareness.
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