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Similarly, the smoker strives to sense God’s presence in the satisfaction of smoking. In time, provided deep love of God is cultivated, the cigarette or pipe is not needed in order to feel pleasure and contentment.

Overeaters use similar principles. Gradually, their satisfaction is in God — not food. Overeaters also do these tantric practices:


pink flowersAs they eat, they strive to realize the food is an expression of the infinite spirit; that they are spiritual beings partaking of spirit. This awareness of the food liberates them from a desperate animal approach to mealtimes and snacks.


Sometimes they mix all the foods on their plate into one homogeneous mass which doesn’t look so appealing to the eyes and the mind. Freed of visual allure, the food is simply conceived as energy, a few hours fuel.

True tantric yogis think of God all their waking hours. In this devotion they are freed from destructive habits and enter enlightenment.

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