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Welcome to YogaWorld!
      We invite you to discover the eight great forms of Yoga. Explore the vast number of ways in which you can develop your personal relationship with Spirit. Find out how you can gain a personal experience of the wondrous integration and delightful harmony of body, mind and spirit. This Yogaworld website is designed to help you discover your real and amazing potential for a happier, more successful life.

      Yoga has enriched my heart, mind, spirit and entire life. I left a very active teaching career so I could share these remarkable techniques and principles with you and other interested seekers around the world. I know you will love and enjoy the countless benefits of Yoga. Whether you seek greater vitality, stress reduction, inner power, personal meditation practices or spiritual awareness, Yoga will help you tremendously. Yoga does wonders!

      Whether you are a mildly curious browser or an enthusiastic seeker, a beginner or an advanced student, YogaWorld is dedicated to helping you go farther and more fully into wholeness, oneness and self-realization.

      Have fun! Have the time of your life!

   Yours Always,
signed Graham L.
   Graham Ledgerwood
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