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Camps of "We" and "They"
As time passed, the regular gatherings of the students degenerated into negative conversations in which many of the group intensely, or jeeringly, verbalized criticisms against their teachers. A number who had been on "The Path" only for a few months implied their personal enlightenment was already far superior to what they beheld in these "so-called" teachers and adepts.

The meetings of the students began to be unpleasant. Camps of "we" and "they" began to break the once-happy fellowship into pieces.

On the night of the third explosive meeting, a number of students said, "These get-togethers are no longer pleasant or productive. We won't be back next week."

Arguments and denunciations flashed into the stormy atmosphere. Loyalties to the ideals of the Path were questioned. Some students stood accused of ignoring their consciences.

As offense and defense clashed, one aspirant who...

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