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You Are Convinced
Faith is the remarkable human faculty of being able to believe in a reality beyond our comprehension. Even though you have not personally seen or experienced a particular, subtle reality you still can receive great benefit from attuning with it — as best you are able. Of course, faith has to be placed in a reality it must truly exist.making a leap of faith

Faith gives tremendous momentum and enthusiasm to those seekers who are willing to restrain their skepticism. True faith — faith that "works" — involves conviction. If you have faith you move through daily life convinced of the reality of a higher consciousness and you are confident you will experience that higher consciousness as soon as you are prepared. Further, you are confident you are rapidly being prepared through the efficacy of higher consciousness and its assistance in your development. You are convinced! Even though you feel you have not yet experienced higher consciousness, you are certain you will.

So, faith means complete trust, confidence, or reliance. Faith comes from Middle English and Old French terms as well as the Latin fides, which means confidence and belief, orfidere, to trust.

Often, beginning seekers assume that all other...

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