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Failure Gangs
People are often valued or looked down upon based on the company they keep. Schoolteachers and, later on, policemen find they have to keep an eye on certain groups of youngsters. Most troubles in school halls and city streets come from small groups of people who encourage and reinforce one another in causing trouble.

Very often frustrated writers get together to lament how their genius is being ignored. They tend to form a clique of such sympathetic intensity that they become less creative and ultimately they all find they cannot break out of the "failure gang."

Similarly, sometimes a staff is determined that its job is so difficult, success is impossible. Yet, another group of people may do the job with ease and great success.

The lesson is that behavior, attitudes, and abilities of groups of people are crucial to success. Some men, for example, buy failing radio stations for a pittance. They create a new staff and program format. A few years later the stations are worth millions. There are numerous professionals who specialize in turning failing groups of people (businesses, teams, staffs, organizations) into great successes.

Companionship in families, too...

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