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Whose Faults?
As offense and defense clashed, one aspirant who had been a seeker longer than the others, reached into his chest pocket for a small wallet which contained some pressed rose petals. The rose petals symbolized the vow of love he'd made during his initiation into specific techniques for attaining higher consciousness. He clutched the little wallet with intensity. His an aspirant sharing from the heartfingers turned white from the pressure of his grip. He smiled and gazed at each person in the group with concern and love. Unlike some of the persuasive critics, he was not an extroverted talker. He took a deep breath and spoke up. He had to repeat the name of the main dissenter several times to get his attention. When all the students turned to him in surprise, he smiled at them and said, "Well, we've talked about the faults of others. Now let us talk about our faults."

Holding his rose petals he confessed a big inadequacy he found in his own character. Others slowly joined in, sincerely opening their hearts. Eventually, the main denouncer capitulated and was able to think up a few faults that he might have too.

While it would be pleasing to report this...

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