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Let Go of the Brake
It's possible to be a stopper for a lifetime but you won't find success. The road to higher consciousness is dynamic. It involves a continuous forward movement of each aspect of your life.

a driver holding on the brakesJust as it would be foolish to try to drive your car sixty-five miles an hour down the road while at the same time holding your foot on the brake, there are perhaps thousands who proceed toward the higher consciousness while insisting on maintaining a dominant attitude of disbelief. In their continual attitude of disbelief, they fail to get anywhere. Indeed, they burn up inside.

If you are not capable of focusing on your ideals while applying self-discipline, introspection, and devotion with hope and an openness, check to be sure some part of you isn't fiercely pushing down on the brake. By brake we mean doubt the inclination to disbelieve anything and everything that is occurring on your journey.

Let's say it even stronger...

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