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2  You Must Desire That Above All Else
God Come First In Your Life

While it is impossible for an aspirant to focus perfectly on God every day, your focus must become continual. Your ego or daily circumstances cannot ever be allowed to overtake or undermine the priority that God come first. Even when you fail to do this, you must pick yourself up and direct your life Godward once again.

In entering the Master/Initiate relationship, you must fully understand that you will never give up.

Divergent desires will flood your mind. Whichever desire preoccupies you usually dictates your mood and actions toward fulfillment of that desire. Perhaps yesterday you wanted a new career. Today, you feel you need a new car or different friends, perhaps great fame, or no, a mushroom pizza will do. For now. Your desires for others, your children, your colleagues, your countrymen, flood into your thoughts and emotions, too. Most people are a mass of desires — each desire an anarchist dominating for a brief time. Because of the tremendous number of desires — and their constant conflict — you find it difficult to fulfill most of them. Possibly, you cannot accomplish even your most important desires due to the sabotage of other conflicting desires.

What is the way out?

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