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What Exactly Does Guru Mean?
While the term Guru may be specialized in its exact meaning, the reality and importance of the Guru is widely recognized in both East and West. The phenomenon of an enlightened being empowered to convey awakening or higher consciousness to others who are worthy is commonly found throughout traditions of religion, mysticism, metaphysics, yoga, and various philosophies.

Some time ago a medical doctor, Maurice Bucke, became intrigued with the subject of higher consciousness. (See Cosmic Consciousness by Dr. Maurice Bucke) Exploring the lives of especially aware people of his time, he came to the conclusion that higher awareness — which he called cosmic consciousness — is generally experienced in the presence of one who already has it. Almost always there is an extension of light rather than the creation of it. One who is "aflame" shares the fire through touch or by being present in the life of the seeker.

Then the newly-awakened seeker usually abides in the heavenly experience for a few weeks or months and the experience goes away. The seeker pines for the return of higher awareness but cannot induce it to come back. What becomes necessary, as Bucke observed in many instances, is the formerly "on fire" seeker must then tackle the problems of his life and character and, over a period which may last for years, prepare his life to become capable of again receiving and maintaining the special flame. Then, when his, or her, life has been aligned with strong character, good will for all, and a universal spirit, cosmic consciousness returns. It stays for longer and longer periods, its presence often becoming continuous.

Bucke maintains that these people of higher...

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