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The Master Will Appear

Too, there are other classes of descended masters; the East Indians spoke of them as siddhas, isvarakotis, avatarans, or other already enlightened beings who seem to come to earth as if born for the purpose of being Sat Guru to many. These holy ones are able to initiate as great Masters, initiate liberally, while at the same time maintaining their bodies for many years. But often they will not admit that they are Masters or Gurus, requiring that prospective initiates be particularly perceptive. These enlightened Masters usually have other holy missions in addition to awakening worthy individuals.

Some seekers have spent years searching in the East for their Guru. Often they leave unsatisfied. In every instance they are unprepared for the Guru. When they are truly prepared, they will find their Master without fail — and usually not have to travel far. "When the devotee is ready, then the Master will appear," is an often-said aphorism. "When the devotee is ready to travel even to the ends of the world in search of his Master, then the Master appears nearby."

Summing up, when you enter into the...

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