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People of Cosmic Consciousness
Bucke maintains that these people of higher consciousness, or cosmic consciousness to use his term, have been the main "forwarders" of civilization throughout the ages. He determined that there are so few of them they could meet together in a large living room. However, he goes on to say that, in his opinion, there has been a development of human faculties over the ages.

For example, man can very likely perceive more colors now than thousands of years ago, and Bucke feels man’s sense of humor has developed from being very primitive to being more subtle. Bucke feels that the next major human development is in the field of higher consciousness and he foresees an age when men and women will so refine their character and understanding of one another that most of them will be able to live naturally in cosmic consciousness.

Bucke’s conclusion is that mankind is evolving spiritually and the majority of men and women will become cosmically conscious! They will live heavenly lives in love and peace with one another. They will strive to understand and share the planet nobly with people of different views who are also matured in their development — all experiencers of cosmic consciousness. This transformed society will come about as one enlightened being awakens another throughout the world.

There are similar traditions of enlightened persons awakening sincere and worthy seekers in Judaism...

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