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A Failed Relationship
To the initiate who is not willing to deal with his flaws, the Master often seems to be an authority figure who stands in the way of the initiate’s fulfillment. The initiate may even construe that his or her own will is more in tune with God’s will than the Master’s will. The initiate may eventually look down on the Master. But the initiate usually feels guilty about harboring contempt and irrationally condemning the Master. These complex feelings can lead to hatred, too. As guilt builds up, it creates even more intense hate problems. The wedge of the initiate’s poison endeavors to become a wall.

Judas holding a bag of money

An example of this "failed relationship" was Judas Iscariot. Judas was an initiate — a direct disciple — of Jesus. Judas expected, according to some historians, that Jesus would create an army and — through military and other means — establish a kingdom of heaven on earth. At the very least, Judas is said to have thought Jesus would force the Romans to leave Israel. Instead, Jesus performed miracles, preached about faith, and in no way turned to materialistic power to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Judas kissed Jesus and betrayed him into death.

While Masters have many problems with devotees, the true initiate must beware of the "false Guru."...

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