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A Sacred Relationship
Nevertheless, when both parties — the Guru and the Chela — are genuine, the Guru/Chela relationship is the most sacred and complete human relationship — short of the moods of higher consciousness. United in spirit first, their relationship is sustained through all the ups and downs of daily life. Having a deep respect and reverence for one another, and knowing their reverence is founded in God himself, they thrive. Their appreciation of one another always grows. It cannot recede when each is doing his, or her, part.

illuminated master and discipleAs the spirit of love and light becomes a steady blaze in your life as an aspirant, you will perceive who the Guru and the chela really are. You perceive the Guru as a spiritual being and yourself also as a spiritual being. When your ignorance and ego are overcome, and your enlightenment becomes steady, your Guru dances for joy. Your Guru’s work is a labor of love, a challenging and often fatiguing service. Above all, the Guru yearns that your awakening be established, and that the Guru/Chela relationship be matured into an eternal friendship of equals. In fact, the Guru, through love, wishes his every chela become superior to him in awareness, in wisdom, and in love.

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