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Deep Questions
So, too, at an extremely high and almost incomprehensible level does this occur in the breakdown of Prema Radha, when the enjoyment of loving wears thin due to the apparent distance of the Lord. When the joy goes, when the enjoyment of the love goes, then the love itself is gradually weakened and diminished. Now this great soul in Prema Radha finds himself or herself again, once again, but more painfully than ever before, alone. No words can describe the extent of this forlorn state nor the emotion of personal futility.

"What is the sense of a universe which has such an absurd reciprocator of human love?" you cry. "Is the universe, and all that has unfolded in it, a preposterous joke? How can anything in this universe have meaning if loving the Lord has no constancy or validity? Certainly all human beings should band together and parade the world with picket signs protesting their absurd treatment and refuse to go on! — unless better living conditions are extended from The Management.

"And, surely," you complain, "there is no greater fool than the one who aspired to and experienced Prema Radha. Perhaps reality itself is unreal! Surely it must be unreal because of these capricious actions of the Lord toward one who loves him and lives for him only! And then what of these mood experiences — all of them? Are they unreal too? Is everything nothing? Is all nothingness? Ohhhh."

In this dejection a great pivot point has...

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