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The Divinized Body
Your transformed body, developed through high states, is generally called the divinized body, spiritually made more subtle, able to experience and express higher consciousness. When this transformation of your physical vehicle occurs, it seems to emit a mellow glow, and the rush of ecstasy in your cells is continually felt.
Sri Ramakrishna seated in ecstasy

Sri Ramakrishna, for example, began to radiate so much light from his body that people used to gather around his doorway just to catch a glimpse of him as he went outside. On one occasion, when he asked Mahendra Nath Gupta about their extreme curiosity, he was told they had gathered there specifically to see the light shining from him. He immediately ran back into the house, saying he was disgusted with this kind of fame. He prayed that his effulgence be taken away, that he in no way wished to become some kind of marvel or curiosity. And, within a few months, his distinct glow was reduced — likely interiorized.

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