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I Love to Love You
Who knows what number of people have attained this level of Prema Radha? Possibly fewer than two dozen. Sri Ramakrishna said hardly any mortals can withstand the rigors of Prema Radha.

Who could think there would still be a shortcoming, or flaw, in such a love as Prema Radha? Can you see what the flaw is?

Well, such a great love still has to be developed and perfected. So, once again, through the course of love, you develop a profound sense of separation. At some point you feel as if the Lord has gone away to some other corner of the universe, or perhaps to a different universe entirely, leaving this one to spin itself out.

"That’s alright," you say, as a great devotee in Prema Radha:

"That’s fine, my Lord. I love you whether you are here or whether you stay away forever. I can still enjoy loving you. I love to love you. I love you, my Lord, whether you treat me well or ill. I enjoy loving you. My joy in loving you is not diminished. I don’t need your response. I enjoy loving you so. Hide as you wish. I love you." 

An even higher mood awaits...

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