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Stages of Relationship
Recently a minister on a fundamentalist TV station astonished his viewers and those of his congregation by asking, "Who would want to go to heaven, the heaven most people talk about? What Christian in his right mind would wish to live where streets are paved with gold, for example, or where people fly around playing harps?

"I would certainly not wish to go there," the preacher said. "If heaven’s going to be like that, harps and gold streets, I hope the Lord will leave me out," he emphasized.

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The internationally-known minister went on to say that the word heaven was incorrectly used by most people. His research into the word revealed that, in his view, the proper term for this place beyond death is heavenlies. He said the correct term is plural, and heavenlies refers to realms of life, planes of life transcending this one. Higher consciousness also involves planes of life experiences transcending normal life — but not splitting from, nor denying, normal life.

In the process of life people are striving to...

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